VWT style den box - Cost per box, grey or black £125.00 no VAT

Approximate overall height 62cm, width 54cm, depth 30cm, weight 16.8kg

Based on the original Vincent Wildlife Trust natal den box designed by John Messenger this box has been adapted by:

Simplifying the design by removing the pitched roof

Replacing the horizontal battens with two upright battens

Replacing the plywood front and back with recycled plastic board

Redesigning the internal accesses to the den chamber

These modifications have evolved from field experience gained since 2003 when the initial twenty boxes were deployed in Scotland. 

The adaptations

Allow easier construction and less wastage of materials without detriment to its integrity

Remove the horizontal battens on the rear of the box where leaf litter can accumulate and prevent the timber drying quickly when wet.  Prolonged exposure to captive damp can expedite early failure of timber used due to decay and rot.  In addition, the upright battens with bevelled internal edges provide a more stable position on the tree trunk.

Use a thinner more durable plastic material saving weight and which will not rot. Cut edges of plywood absorb water if not treated and will hasten rotting and delamination. 

Remove the two ‘notches’ in the internal timbers forming the central den chamber.  These have been replaced by two circular holes for martens to access the den chamber.  Apart from giving an element of extra rigidity the holes serve as handy carrying handles when transporting the boxes over rough ground or longer distances.  The two holes also allow two people to carry a box in comfort.

Delivery by courier is at cost.  A quotation will be given for each order.

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Galloway Lite den box - Cost per box, black £55.00 no VAT

The design of this den box answers the need for a lightweight box suitable for younger trees with smaller trunk diameter, especially in commercial coniferous forests.  Following a trial of prototypes, a batch of fifty Galloway Lite boxes were deployed in an area of Galloway Forest in September 2014. 

Their use by martens has increased annually, allowing secure year-round weather-proof denning habitat.

With considerable weight and cost advantages over the VWT den boxes the Galloway Lite must be considered as an alternative where trees are younger or have smaller diameter trunks.     

This lightweight and durable den box is constructed using a recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) drum adapted to house an internal plywood den chamber.  The box is roped to and hangs against the trunk of a suitably sized tree.  Two pieces of pressure treated softwood fixed vertically either side of the entrance protect it from the weather and provide holes for the fixing rope.  The entrance is also protected by a flap created by the design of the entrance hole.

Approximate overall height 39cm, width 25cm, depth 48cm, weight 3.5kg.

Delivery by courier is at cost.  A quotation will be given for each order.

Payment is preferred by BACS with order




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